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July 23, 2013


As you can tell from previous posts-a-plenty, Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale and the team which make up Improper Books are firmly close to our HoBby little hearts. Much to our delight, this mini-announcement comes in the shape of an awesome treat for alla you readers across that big ol’ sea.

Porcelain is available in North America as of tomorrow – July 24th 2013. If you haven’t already heard the hubbub surrounding this beauty, here’s my review from when I first gobbled in it’s treasures Follow the breadcrumbs from there to our various Improper nuggets, not least interview with the ace Porcelain creators; pencil magician Chris Wildgoose and story-weaver Benjamin Read.

Another little heads up, too…looks like the New York Post got a holda this beaut and saw it fit to list it on their Hot Picks section.

For some extra info, head over the the official Improper Books site where you’ll find even more tasty meals for your peepers.


I feel very proud to have seen this absolute gem from such a great team blossom like it has, like a distant aunt who didn’t really have anything to do with the child’s upbringing, but think it’s really lovely when the kid’s doing well.

Improper Books really can do no wrong, here.

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