BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger | XBox 360

August 4, 2012

Sometimes, rooting through the games section of Blockbuster for a bargain game for a lazy Saturday afternoon VS session can uncover a hidden gem you didn’t already know about.


Today’s winner is BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.


To be honest, I haven’t gone gaga for a 2D fighting game since Street Fighter II Turbo on SNes. As I don’t have an arcade stick and enter as many Street Fighter tournaments as possible, I find most of the newest renditions of the continuing story of Ryu and Ken far too technical and that it’s difficult to really feel like i can actually get to grips with what’s happening on screen vs what my hands are doing. Takes the fun out of it for me now i don’t have those endless youthful nights to spend hammering away at a control pad trying to master my timing with a Flying Bird Kick. BlazBlue is bringing the fun back. In spades.


If you like any kind of anime at all, you’ll get crazy about this game. It’s a beautiful, well crafted slice of Japanese madness. The character designs are left of the thought-field and have something for everyone, with attacks crafted around the features of the characters; throw Kaka Kittens instead of bombs, plant frog landmines, use a floaty red fat devil as a shield. This aint no kick, kick, punch, punch game.  There’s also just as many awesome girls to choose as there is men, which is unusual in this type of game, but to be honest, the character design is so good, there aren’t really any characters that are boring old stereotypes, and because of the gorgeous 2D anime stylings, there’s nothing to bore your eyeballs in this game.


Most importantly, this game is easy to play. Coming into it cold, tossing aside the manual with no idea of which buttons do what, you can be successful through a few rounds. Don’t get me wrong, there is enough depth to the controls to keep the most hardcore fighting nerd busy mastering them for a long time, but for the more casual gamer who doesn’t mind having less than a million gamerpoints, the game can still be played without feeling like you want to push the telly over and scream at the cat because you just got knocked out by a string of combo moves that reduced your health bar from full to zero before you’d had the chance to pull off a single Tiger Uppercut.


With tons of game modes; Arcade Mode, VS Match, Score Attack, Network Play and a pure anime Story Mode (that will make the impatients tap endlessly at the controller to get to the next match), there’s lots to sink your hand / eye dexterity / time into.


The game was released in 2010, so it can be picked up for £8 on Amazon. THIS IS  A BARGAIN. There are also other iterations that have come since too. I’ll most likely buy those once the blisters on my thumb have gone down a bit. Go get some real Old School Japanese gaming style in your hands.


You’ll be shouting “Heeeeeeeeeey, Boobie Lady!” and “HANDS OFF THE PANDA!” at each other before the night is out.

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