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Half a HoB bobbed down to the B&B gallery today and came home feeling quite inspired with some new discoveries. B&B is curated by local artists of note Ed Bradbury and Florence Blanchard and occupies a small space on Mary Street in the awesome Cultural Industries Quarter of Sheffield (which is itself a veritable fairground of street art). Another fine example of the supportive community in the Sheffield Art & Crafts scene, Ed and Flo are working hard promoting both emerging and established artists with exhibitions, projects and collaborations.


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The current offerings owning the space are by PETRO; a veteran graffitti artist with a massive passion for typography. Both original art and screen-prints are available from the show as well as a beautiful signed and numbered fanzine screen-printed in the studio out the back. The exhibition as a whole looks pretty awesome with some ace wooden 3D type and artwork painted and sprayed straight onto the walls. B&B sure know what they’re doing when it comes to displaying art.


2013-07-20 15.58.42

All in, paying a visit is a right treat. Bob down.


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The PETRO exhibition is on until the 28th July, find out more here and visit the B&B website here.




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