The wonderfully talented Camilla d’Errico was kind enough to take some time out to answer a few questions for us.

Describe yourself in five words?

Creative, passionate, firey, funny, animal-lover

The best thing about creating something for other people is…

The best thing about creating something for someone else is making something that’s special and speaks to them uniquely.

The best thing about creating something for myself is…

Best part of creating something for myself is that I can express my thoughts or emotions in an uncensored way, or have the freedom to make it my own.

My biggest inspiration is…

I have way too many to have just one, but my top 3 inspirations would be other Art & Comics/Japanese Manga, Nature, and Literature. But I draw a lot of inspiration from daily life, fashion, books and movies- almost everything.

Without ______ I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

My Fiance- he’s an enormous support and a great friend. And other artists and writers are important to me to keep me inspired and improving my skills.

What’s your favorite kind of day?

One of my favourite kinds of day is just being able to walk my dog, get down to my studio on a sunny day, draw and paint in my studio space listening to music or a good audio book, and then go for yoga and a nice dinner with my Fiance Tristan. But a little holiday away from home once in a while is nice too! ^_~

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About Aichee

Generally found with too many craft projects on the go at once: be it things out of beads, stitches, paper or Japanese robot kits. Has a tendency to loose needles in cushions. Appreciates a list with a drop shadowed tick box, likes rummaging around vintage wares, getting her face into a graphic novel or two, retro gaming, feeding her eyes with some nice art and design, moderately obsessed with skulls, cross stitch, vinyl/Japanese toys. Uses too many condiments when dining and is worryingly obsessed with English Mustard. Often get’s told she has a large head.

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