Camilla d’Errico

August 26, 2012

Not quite sure how I stumbled on Camilla’s work or why it took me this long to find it, but one glance and I was hooked.  Her work fitted in to exactly what get’s my eyes flickering with excitement; manga, girls, beautiful colours and lines

Growing up, Camillia was more often doodling sexy damsels and dragons on her textbooks than reading them!  After attending her first Comic Con in 1998 she realised that a 9-5 day job would kill her and this was what she wanted to do.

She’s worked with Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Random House, Tokyopop, Disney, Sanrio, Neil Gaiman and worked on video game and film character development.  Her work even inspires the cosplayers amongst us, and I can totally see why.  The designs of these characters are dreamy.

Camilla can’t live without Holbein’s “DUO” water-soluble oils, green tea lattes, Hello Kitty merchandise, and her daily fix of manga and anime.

check out her lovely works and wares here;









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