Chris Wildgoose – Interview

February 21, 2013

Check it! We got another interview from one of the mega Improper Books team; artist Chris Wildgoose!

Chris is a phenomenally talented artist with an eye for the subtleties that really make this kind of art great. There is life and movement, death and stillness in all the right places with myriad emotions conveyed beautifully in-between.


Describe yourself in five words

Northern scribble monster likes ink.

The best thing about creating something for other people is…

I love telling stories, that’s the whole reason why i got into this job. i want to take people to new lands and strange times and see what they think.

The best thing about creating something for myself is…

Having the chance to bring something new to the table. You can bend the rules of what you’re doing and go down roads people may not expect you to go. Those can also be the biggest learning curves. Say with drawing, you find out what works and what to improve on when you take chances or try something new. I think the risk takers and the people who are less cautious do some of the best work.

My biggest inspiration is…

Good art. Nothing makes me want to get back to the drawing board as much as when I see somebody do a page or illustration that I wish i’d done!

Without ______ I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

My Dad, and my family on a whole really. They are the best. They’ve always encouraged me to do the thing i’ve wanted to do and to give it my all when it gets tough.

Who or what can’t you get enough of at the mo’?

The Bronx, I’ve recently been soaking up their albums and I still want more! They just blow out the cobwebs and make me feel energised, i’d possibly say they are my perfect kind of band.

What’s your favourite kind of day?

When my drawing hand does the work it’s being told to! However, I do love the Autumn season, tea, biscuits and a walk with my lady through the local woodland. It always makes me feel like my wellbeing takes a boost when we get outside. Possibly finish off the day with a good Hammer Horror film.

What’s next?

Too much! I’m just now about to start on the next episode of Butterfly Gate, which i’m SO excited about because Ben has just packed that and the coming episodes with a mind blowing adventure. Straight after that we’re starting on another GN so far titled ‘Briar’. This will take us back to a more fairy tale setting, which is natural ground for myself and Ben. Also i’m doing a small guest spot in ‘The Pride’ written by Joseph Glass and alongside all that I’m working on another GN called Dream Solver with writer Luke Foster.

Tell us something ace.

I’ve started writing! This may not be ace as i’m not that experienced at the whole word craft lark but i’m learning. Aiming to have a little short comic written and drawn for Free Comic Book day! So keep your eyes peeled for that.



Do your homework! You can find Chris’s blog here and Twit-stalk him here.



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