Debbie Moon – Interview

January 13, 2013

A little while ago we featured Moonko on our Fanzine.  Headed up by the lovely and talented Debbie Moon, Debbie is always on the look out for new artists to promote and bring under the Moonko umbrella and is constantly pushing forward to organise exhibitions and events for these artist to promote their work, most recently with the wonderful Ghosts of Gone birds Exhibition,.

Not only are we impressed with Debbie’s own artwork but also by her passion, commitment and drive and generally by how adorable this lady is.  Debbie kindly took some time out of her busy world to tell us a little bit about herself.

Deborah Moon - Thread

Describe yourself in five words

Reflective, patient, determined, honest & quirky


The best thing about creating something for other people is…

Oooh lets have a think, the best thing about creating something for others is that complete happiness when you see somebody appreciate and love your work for what it is.

As simple as it might be, seeing someone smile


The best thing about creating something for myself is…

This is a tough one, as I am such a perfectionist, umm I love getting absorbed in a story, my story, re-living a memory that gets recreated in a visual. I love the process and the repetition of tearing up my Vogue magazines for beautiful paper colours and just thinking about other things, daydreaming, reflecting or making strange kinetic or science inspired installations.


My biggest inspiration is…

Its my dad, he is not famous, a well known or unknown artists, just dad, who taught me to colour within the lines, took me on little adventures as a child to explore the outdoors, taught me all the Latin names of wild flowers, trees and who showed me how to work hard be determined and keep believing.


Without ______ I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

With out my family, my little one, my other half, my friends, i would not be who I am right now, they are always there for hugs, chats, cuppa teas, laughs and tears. They keep me going, believing in me when I lack confidence or am just being plain ole silly


Who or what can’t you get enough of at the mo’?

Sunshine, yummy lemon cake & pink lemonade


What’s your favourite kind of day?

Getting up early, opening the windows, letting the fresh air in, getting my walking boots or wellies on and heading out with my little family to go exploring woods, fields, hills, never knowing where, in some cases were we might end up. Then getting home, drawing the curtains, having a cuppa, cooking food and just talking about our day….


What’s next?

I have a few exciting exhibitions coming up, so its going to be late nights, making and creating ‘Watch this Space’



Deborah Moon - Flowers city final


Deborah Moon

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