Drew Millward is a bunch of awesome artisic talent wrapped up mostly in beard.

We first stumbled across Drew and his fine draftsmanship at a Best Joined Up doodle session in Leeds and he’s been a firm favorite ever since. Forged in pencils, pens and screen print, Drew keeps it firmly old school; having started his current career drawing gig posters for bands in Leeds in 2004, the process of tackling an image with his bare hands and handling it through to it’s print run is all part of the fun for this hands-on chap.

His content is generally slightly off centre, escapist wierdness; organic horror rendered up in a bizarrely cute, uber detailed, brightly coloured fashion with a hint of a graffiti influence and a bit of cheeky humour, but Drew is a professional artist with a massive roster of bands and brands in his locker and can turn his hand to anything that’s asked of him and add a little extra special to it and make it it feel very modern and cool.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of drawing alongside Drew at Thought Bubble 2011, he’s a thoroughly sound and lovely fellow and I always get a kick of inspiration when i watch him draw and when i look through his back-catalogue on the internet (filed in a bookmarks folder called ‘awesome brain remedies’); i think it’s very important that someone makes a book of his work. Three copies please. Until that happens we can look forward to a forthcoming collaboration to make a toy with Disturbia (Yes please), more live drawing at Thought Bubble 2012 and lots more amazing posters.

Buy some Drew pictures and put them on your walls, you’ll be happier for it.

Find out more drewmillward.com






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