Felt Mistress – Interview

February 4, 2013

Regular HoB readers will already be aware of our love , admiration and sheer agogness over the astounding works of Felt Mistress.

We were completely over joyed with felthusiasm that the lovely, and ridiculously talented Louise Evans put down the felt and needles (and egg custard) for a moment to answer  our HoB questions.

Felt Mistress


Describe yourself in five words?

Small, hectic, enthusiastic, worrisome, scamp

The best thing about creating something for other people is…

It’s great to make something knowing it’s got a home to go to, I love hearing/seeing people’s reactions to the pieces too. When working with another artist on a collaborative piece, it’s always a bit nerve wracking when the piece has been delivered and I’m waiting to hear if they like it. Working with fellow artists stretches you creatively because you learn from each other.

The best thing about creating something for myself is…

I don’t think I create pieces for me , I think the process is the bit that’s “for me” but the finished article should be for someone else. Does that make any sense? I love making things but I don’t want a house full of my own work.

My biggest inspiration is…


Without Jontofski I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

Who or what can’t you get enough of at the mo’?

Egg Custards

What’s your favorite kind of day?

Being right in the middle of a project and so into it that you don’t even know what time of day it is. I love those days

What’s next?

I’m working on some new framed beetles, just finished some characters that are being animated so I’m looking forward to seeing and being able to share those and in April we go to Pictoplasma in Berlin to give a talk which we’re very excited about.

Sell us something ace.

I have an egg custard in the fridge

Felt Mistress

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