I have a fancy for Stormtroopers. I think they’re a design classic.

This started with a font, though, the Stormtroopers came second. I wrote ‘The Forlorn Hope’ in my WIP block Sci-Fi font and it made me think of Stormtroopers; Jedi fodder. What a wonderful excuse to draw a Stormtrooper helmet.

So this all came together as a poster to advertise my new font; Forlorn Hope. It’s yet to have a run through Fontlab.

| 2011 / 12 |



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bettyfishcake likes to make graphic design pictures. She is constantly distracted by fonts, is obsessed with Gundam kits, loves getting her nose into comics, is always excited by a new craft project and likes to play video games. Unfortunately there's not much time in a day.

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