Geo Law

August 18, 2012

If you live in Sheffield and tread the best parts of the city, it’s quite likely that you’ve laid your peepers on some art by Geo Law.


Geo is one of the busiest of the Sheffield crowd art peddlers, dis dude just can’t stop drawing. Everywhere; He’s nearly conquered Devonshire Street with wall scribbles in fine establishments such as The Forum, Bowery and The Common Room, runs print workshops for local kids, is always up for a good local live doodle jam and co-founded one of Sheffield’s finer creative collectives; Hantu. And by all accounts, he still has time to be a thoroughly nice chap.



We can’t get enough of his clean-lined, detailed style and his subject matter is pretty much spot on to the kind of stuff we generally like to see being drawn. He’s got a good eye for a tasty colour palette too. All in, Geo is a talented original who wears his passion on his sleeve in a way only the most dedicated of people can; he never stops working at it.


Looking forward to seeing what else Geo up has his sleeve. We’ll be avidly waiting and supporting you all the way Mr. Law.


See for yourself and then furiously agree with us.










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