Greg Staples: Amazing Artist

August 25, 2012

The biggest problem i’ve had with creating this article is trying to slim down the selection of images i collected for it. There’s a folder on the master HoB harddrive with about twenty five images i thought i might like to use. I did slim down as much as i could but i feel i still should apologise to those with a limited internet speed. (sorry Hull).


So Greg Staples was one of my first favorite comic artists I discovered. At about 15 i started reading 2000AD which is around the same time that Greg started working there at the tender age of 19. Being a big fan of Simon Bisley (I copied a Simon Bisley Slaine panel for my Art GCSE), and being that Greg was being mentored by Bisley during those early years, there was no way Greg was not going to become one of my favorites.


Since those heady days of English Sci-Fi and comic discovery, Greg has been busy; Creating one of the most iconic Judge Dredd images in the world, being a concept artist on video games (Loaded on PlayStation being ACE), VFX art (his team won a Kerrang music video of the year award for Muse’s Sing for Absolution video), concepting for films, painting book and record covers and becoming a Magic; The Gathering fantasy art-legend. All of this AND the all important comics work. And his entire portfolio is absolutely outstandingly amazing.


Although Greg is excellent at the traditional comic style of art, his long term love of Frank Frazetta and Fantasy art has taught him a lot, and propelled him to become one of the most amazing painters of our time. If Greg lived in the 18th century and painted scenes from Exodus, we’d be perusing his works in our city galleries. Why fantasy artwork tends to get overlooked by ‘real’ art critics in this day and age, I’ll never understand. But it doesn’t matter, because we geeks know about it and love it more than enough. You can tell that Greg is working with something he loves, and when he talks about the things he loves (and his own artwork), his passion shines through in spades because of his uncontainable excitement for it. This lovely Sheffield-lad works hard, is technically brilliant and continues to push his natural talent to learn more.


Do try not to dribble onto your keyboard while you peruse this selection of some of my very favorites.










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  1. jamicfin says:

    I share you’re appreciation for Staples artwork as well, I discovered it through MTG, and his work in all mediums is truly awesome. I designed a Magic deck using only cards with his artwork and it’s been a true delight to use.
    Great article!

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