Perler beads big style!  The bigger you go with perler beads (or Hama ;p) the more detail you can get in and the more impressive things start to look and the bigger the satisfaction and excitement on completion!

Gudam are very pleasing on the eye, and I enjoy making the model kits and I love making things out of beads…

Approximately 6 hours of bead dropping, 4000 coloured beads and a bit of ironing and glueing (I had adult supervision ;p) and this 1.5 foot perler creation was done!




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Generally found with too many craft projects on the go at once: be it things out of beads, stitches, paper or Japanese robot kits. Has a tendency to loose needles in cushions. Appreciates a list with a drop shadowed tick box, likes rummaging around vintage wares, getting her face into a graphic novel or two, retro gaming, feeding her eyes with some nice art and design, moderately obsessed with skulls, cross stitch, vinyl/Japanese toys. Uses too many condiments when dining and is worryingly obsessed with English Mustard. Often get’s told she has a large head.

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