We love fabric so much we decided we wanted to create our own patterns. imagine our excitement upon delivery of our first ever test swatch of our very first designs B:OICDU){(JRKLNVDKJB!!!!


These got printed up at the brilliant Spoonflower.com. Well worth checking out their site if you’re interested in designing patterns yourself or if you’re just looking for some great fabric to use in your own craft.


Our brainpot is bubbling over with ideas for what we can start making with this stuff. Time to order some by the yard…



About bettyfishcake

bettyfishcake likes to make graphic design pictures. She is constantly distracted by fonts, is obsessed with Gundam kits, loves getting her nose into comics, is always excited by a new craft project and likes to play video games. Unfortunately there's not much time in a day.

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One Response to HoB Fabric Test Swatches

  1. Puuuuuuuddddddd!!! says:

    GO BETTY!!!!….love yooooouuuuuuuu!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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