Infinite Justice SD Gundam

August 25, 2012

I picked up this little SD Gundam kit whilst excitedly skipping around Memorabilia at the Birmingham NEC.  I bought him from Gundammad, run by a lovely chap who coincidently is MAD about Gundam! Check the shop out here


I’d already built the MG version of this Gundam and having never built a SD kit I was excited about having a play with a little kit.  “Quick and easy build, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon” I thought.  I was slightly wrong about the quick part however.


There’s not much to the build of these little SD chaps but if you want them to look halfway decent you need to put a bit of effort in to painting the plastic parts as otherwise this fella would just be a pink Gundam with no detail.  So I pulled out the HoB stash of citadel paints and got to work painting in the details.  Doing this added more enjoyment to the overall project for me.  Once painted I added some decals left over from previous builds; a Gundam is never really finished until you add on the decals!


Infinite Justice, super deformed and super fun.








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