I’ve had an obsession with Japanese culture for many a year and have been obsessed with all sorts of otaku.  Junko Mizuno’s style fits perfectly into all the awesomes I like.  She does comics, urban vinyl, band posters and crazy art.

You should explore Junko’s colourful and twisted world for yourself at www.mizuno-junko.com






custom dunny’s can be found at www.kidrobot.com


About Aichee

Generally found with too many craft projects on the go at once: be it things out of beads, stitches, paper or Japanese robot kits. Has a tendency to loose needles in cushions. Appreciates a list with a drop shadowed tick box, likes rummaging around vintage wares, getting her face into a graphic novel or two, retro gaming, feeding her eyes with some nice art and design, moderately obsessed with skulls, cross stitch, vinyl/Japanese toys. Uses too many condiments when dining and is worryingly obsessed with English Mustard. Often get’s told she has a large head.

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