Kid Acne : Zebra Face premier

July 22, 2012

HoB popped down to Sidney Street to have a peep at Kid Acne’s animated series Zebra Face world premier at Sheffield’s Tramlines 2012. We got to see the first three episodes which was a real treat. We instantly fell in love with Messy Dinosaur and her comedy lisp, voiced by the excellent Rosamund Hanson who we love to love. With voice acting also by Jarvis Cocker, who plays the sun and moon it’s just got the right amount of mental with a dribble of Speedlined kung-fu.

Zebra Face airs on Thursday 26th July at 12am on Channel 4. You can find the trailer and lots of other nice things on Kid Acne’s website.¬†Get yer eyeballs round it.




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