Leeds Print Festival 2013: Print Fair

January 19, 2013

We decided to brave the snow and head out to Leeds today to have a pootle around the Leeds Print Fair; part of a nine day Print Festival taking place for it’s second year at the Leeds Gallery. Although quite small, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that this event continues to grow bigger and becomes a yearly part of the HoB calendar as it’s flipping ace.

The Print Fair itself runs for one day and hosts tables where small press folk can sell their amazing wares to the print-loving public. Pretty much every table warrants a lengthy browse and serves to remind you just how critical print still is to the art world, and how much these various hand-drawn processes add something special to art and design. It’s ace to find that these guys peddling their wares are so passionate about their work and are happy to chat excitedly to you about it.

If you find yourselves in Leeds before the 27th of January, make some time to pop in.









HoB Top Picks

The event is a treat for your eyes and right-brain, and all of the work on show was brilliant; we have the utmost respect for everyone involved (especially the guys who organised the event; your work is thoroughly appreciated), but we all have our favorites, so here’s our shortlist of ace. Hopefully you’ll love these guys that floated our collective boat the most…


Karoline Rerrie


We had a right-old chat with this lovely Birmingham-based Illustrator and Screen printer. As well as creating beautiful artwork and prints, we love the fact that Karoline put together a postcard book for Girls Who Draw featuring the work of some of her favorite girl-illustrators (including one of our faves; Kristina Baczynski). We salute you Karoline. We’ve been online bookmarking sites for all of the Illustrators you recommended to us since we got home 🙂



Caroline Pratt

We spent ages at Carolines table trying to choose which prints we wanted to take home to put on our walls. Fantastic use of colour and charm from this Illustrator and Pattern Designer.




The Print Project

These guys are purveyors of the bygone age of letterpress and old-fashioned processes. Not only do they firmly believe in the magic of this stuff, but the work they produce is clever, witty and beautiful to look at. Typography rules with The Print Project and they do it very, very well. My heart is all a flutter, especially when i gaze upon the forme they put together for the invite to the opening night of the Print Festival. Gutenberg himself would be impressed with what these dudes can do with their typesetting.





Colours May Vary

One of our most pleasing finds was the shop that shares the entrance to the Leeds Gallery; Colours May Vary. Branded stylishly and stocked with art prints, art and design books and magazines, t-shirts, wrapping paper and any other general curiosity driven by artistically wired brains, this shop is the kind of place that you can lose yourself in for hours. On top of that, it’s run by a lovely couple who love what they sell you. We spent a fortune and plan to go back when the coffers are replenished. We hope you are open for a very very long time Colours May Vary. They’re still working on their website, but check our their Twitter feed; we’re not the only ones in love with this shop 🙂




Helen Entwistle / memo

Another power-screenprinter, this hardworking girl prints on mostly anything (including conkers) and does it extraordinarily well in abundance with her charming illustrations and beautiful zines.  Memo travels the width and breadth of the country with her table of wonderful so keep an eye out for her setting up stall at an event near you.











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