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January 13, 2013

The problem with film posters these days is that generally they’re a bit rubbish. Unless the poster is littered with indie film award badges, it’s generally going to be a generic photograph of the most famous actors topped with a bit of rough shod Photoshoppery. Saul Bass would be turning in his grave…

Luckily there is a cure for this by the name of Mondo. Mondo have gathered together a collective of artists to re-invent film posters from the films that inspire them the most. And by George, there’s some awesome posters being produced that leave the ‘official’ posters buried in their wake.


One of the most successful artists of the Mondo tribe is British graphic designer Olly Moss. As part of the Thought Bubble 2012 festival in November last year, The White Cloth gallery in Leeds hosted a Mondo exhibition curated by the amazing Mr. Moss. HoB were invited down to the sold out opening night to draw live as part of the Best Joined Up collective. The brief was to draw your own rendition of your favorite movie – the resulting canvasses were to be auctioned off at the end of the night with the proceeds going to Bernado’s.


We couldn’t have been more excited. Our chosen film was Totoro, it felt a good fit for us and for my drawing / graphic style, so we cracked on with the preparation; only having three hours to draw on the night itself, a fair bit of pre-night drawing  was in order so after designing the poster with my old pal Adobe Illustrator, I sat and did a good eight hours or so starting the canvas and getting all of the pencil work in order and a good chunk of the Posca too.


Once Aichee and myself arrived at White Cloth, an hour ahead of the opening time, we had to squeeze through a thick queue of Olly Moss enthusiasts to get into the gallery itself and join our fellow BJU artists Drew Millward, Tom J. Newell, Curse 273, Dia 57, Eight Bit and Matt Ferres, and get down to some work.









Despite getting a bit of a sweat on towards the end over actually finishing, the whole night was 100% awesome; the guys we were drawing with are all brilliant, the Mondo art on the walls around us was inspiring and the visitors were so enthusiastic for everything they laid their wide-open peepers on. We also got to chat with Olly Moss who is an all-round lovely guy as well as being stratospherically talented. Bonus.

After a Q&A session with the Mondo chaps, our canvasses were auctioned off and all were sold, we were totally blown away by the response to our Totoro tribute and the fact that Olly Moss himself drove the bidding through the roof on it, finally bagging it for the outlandish price of £300. wowzers.





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