Olly Moss

November 10, 2012

Olly Moss is a special boy.

A talented graphic artist, Olly rose to fame by selling a squadillion t-shirts baring his designs on Threadless and had the same level of instant success when he started creating beautifully crafted minimalist film posters. Olly is clearly passionate about putting his favorite things together with his craft; clearly a certified nerd he also creates homages to video games, comics and Pokemon in his very own unique and clever style. Did i mention he’s a graphic designer?

Recently Olly has sidestepped into the world of Gallery art, with a recent exhibition titled ‘Paper Cuts’ at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. A brave move considering how big his fanbase is for his regular delivery style has been so far, but Olly managed to perfectly capture the essence of his work in 300 Victorian silhouettes, each one laser cut to represent one of pop cultures favorite characters. A brilliant body of work to peruse for anyone who ever loved a fictional character. step over and have a look and see how many characters you can name.

Olly is also curating a show of his works with Mondo at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds in association with the Thought Bubble festival this month; I’m rubbing my head vigorously with anticipation and delight for that one and will be doing some drawing alongside some of the uber talented Best Joined Up regulars.

I’ve got a feeling Olly will gain even more momentum and continue to get bigger and better; i look forward to seeing what else comes out of his brain. Keep your peepers peeled.

Did i mention he’s a graphic designer?


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  1. James Weller says:

    Great post! Can’t wait for Leeds 🙂

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