Stitches and Glue

August 22, 2012

Do the Monster Mash…

Stitches and Glue are British based creatives that make unique handmade monsters for your visual and tactile delight.  This is far more than picking a plush toy from the shop down the road, this is adopting a limited edition friend that has been lovingly handmade. Urban Plush.

The handmade element of these lovely little creatures is wonderful and when your new pet arrives  packaged with an adoption certificate you fall further in love. 

Paul Vincett, the creator of Stitches and Glue, also works as a freelance puppet/prop/costume designer for Theatre and Film, working on Puss in Boots in the US touring show and the West End’s War Horse.  On the big screen he’s worked on  X-Men; First Class and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.  Working alongside of Paul is his partner in monster crime Becky Johnson.  Becky has created costumes and puppets for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hellboy 2, Sweeney Todd, X-Men and Dark Shadows.  

Wowzer bowzers!

Go find a new friend today at










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