Little  update on this post…

Never expected it when I first set out on this crafty project but there are now a limited number of these on sale at the Tide Gallery in Hull.  This very fact did make my mouth go a little dry, but is very exciting!  I think they look good all packaged up in true HoB style!

The idea for this started from a photo in a craft magazine. I was perusing it’s pages with Betty over a shandy in Bungalows and Bears, and they happened to be holding a vintage sale (a vintage sale in a pub…how cool is that!!) and this little cup and saucer set was right there; it seemed like fate! I got to crafting, carving and sanding the little waves and clouds out of balsa wood. I liked the effect the balsa wood had as I thought it’s colourings looked like… well TEA!!! I’m now always on the look out for nice tea cups so I can make more and I enjoyed making the clouds so much that it’s lead to a bit of a cloud obsession!

What cloudy things can I make next…


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