i got some pens and drew a massive picture on the big boring white wall in the 2dTeam room at work cause we were allowed to do what we wanted to decorate.

The ace sumo mecha for the 21st century was drawn straight into illustrator by one of our amazing concept artists Sean Jean. he’s got some mad skills and i love him to bits :)

We had some fun wet playtimes colouring this in together, taking it in turns to sit atop the ladder. I need to find the time to draw on more of the walls at work. The big black cross was 100% lovingly coloured in by Lukai; he didn’t got over the lines or nuffink.











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bettyfishcake likes to make graphic design pictures. She is constantly distracted by fonts, is obsessed with Gundam kits, loves getting her nose into comics, is always excited by a new craft project and likes to play video games. Unfortunately there's not much time in a day.

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