coffin drop on the quartz zone massacre

June 1, 2012

2011 Thought Bubble; most probably the best comic show in the UK at the moment. (yay for Leeds!)

Bodie from Best Joined up invited me to drawa 2000AD character themed picture in the lobby – the intention to create a gargantuan 9 panel comic page. T’was all very exciting, although it took so long i didn’t get to actually see much of the show.

Always loved Rogue Trooper; the skull is a vector redraw from a classic Cam Kennedy cover. yum.







Drew Millward – Judge Death

Matt Ferres – Johnny Alpha

Cage One – Deadlock

Bonehead Sune – Slaine

Moenipulation – Shako

Eight Bit – D.R. and Quinch

Oliver Redding



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