Forester Felt Toys

July 28, 2013

We got a bit crazy and excited about the potential of felt toys after discovering the work of Felt Mistress. So Christmas 2012, I decided to create a ‘DIY Toy Kit’ as homemade Christmas presents. Two hardcore weeks of work later, the Foresters were born in the shape of the Wood Sprite and Wood Wabbit.

After the presents were very warmly received (Especially by my mum, who told me how ace I am), we decided to make some more of the felt toys rather than make more books (we’re rather flighty at times). After the toys themselves were put together and we’d fully customised each one, we couldn’t resist going the whole hog by creating packaging and labels for them too.




This first batch of Forester toys have mostly been sold, but a small contingent still remain at HoB HQ, just waiting for us to set up a table at another craft fair. We’ve designed more types of Foresters since and we’re slowly expanding their little universe as we go along. Stay tuned for more Foresters merch, as we just can’t stop making stuff 😀





Handmade Felt toy Label


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