HoB vs TIDE sneaky peaky

September 30, 2012

We’ve been a little quiet lately and this is why; HoB will be showing and selling some prints at TIDE pop-up gallery at the Union Mash-Up in Hull in a couple of weeks. We’re running around prepping and tinkering with artwork and paper whenever we get a spare few minutes.

We’ll post more details of the event over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, please enjoy these photos of our test prints of both the A3 posters and the accompanying postcard set with sticker. No matter what size your walls, we’ve got something to fit you.

Which poster do you like the best? Pick a side and start planning a day trip to Hull.



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  1. Daniel Heppell says:

    the two transformers ones have my name all over them!

    i have several questions. do you have these in 24×36 inch? when are you in hull so i can come terrorize you for one… price is irrelevant. i want these in my life!

  2. TIDEALL says:

    See you in Hull Daniel, TIDE opens to the public from 15th October, private viewing 14th, lots of goodies will await you therein…
    Peace & smiles,
    TIDE 🙂 xx

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