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June 9, 2012

I love Japanese toys and figures!  I found out about a range of cute girl figures that were pretty customisable called Pinky Street and developed a bit of an obsession.  As obsessions lead you to internet and ebay searches, I stumbled upon a rare range of Pinky hobby kits!! Double whammy of joy!  The kits came nicely packaged but need snipping, sticking, making and painting.  All the parts to this were snipped, sanded, primed, glued and then all the details painted!  Once built she stands around 2.5 inches high.  She came with an anchor for her hand but I chose to customise her a little and attached a Kid Robot “Things that Hurt” grenade zipper instead!  This was my first attempt at painting any model kit and it was a pure joy!  They should make more…



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