Porcelain Release!

February 1, 2013


Remember our joy-raving about the indescribably brilliant Porcelain from Improper Books? 0z/I outlined their aceness and at the top of my word-lungs sang their praises in my ThoughtBubble 2012 review and bettyfishcake couldn’t resist a mention in her run-down of our fab weekend, either!

Well, when we at HoB central unanimously love something – we’ve subsequently got a lot to say about it. As we were  all lucky enough to chat to the folks at Improper Books and found them to be thoroughly bloody lovely, we’ve kept our eyes and ears peeled all the more widely for news on their delights.

I’m a regular visitor to the Improper Books site and have managed to keep in touch with Ben despite Christmas and life and work and busy and work and our shared and joint struggle with the mystical disappearance of each others’ emails. What this means for you, oh dear HoB (and soon to be, if you’re not already Porcelain)  fan is that mega news will be imparted to you in the very next paragraph of this very post!

Courtesy of (one of)  the best beard(s) in comics and editor at Improper Books,  Matt Gibbs:

“On Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, a limited, indie release of Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale will be taking place in the UK.

A 96 page graphic novel, the complete story will be available from Page 45 (Nottingham), Travelling Man(Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and York), Gosh! (London) and Orbital Comics (London), and is currently available to pre-order thanks to their support”.

So, there’s absolutely no reason why this book shouldn’t settle into a comfy nook on your life. Actually there is…this dark, macabre and eerie story will leave you feeling anything BUT comfortable – and that’s why we fell so in love with it. It’s not at all what you’d expect, but exactly what it should be.

If you whistle hasn’t yet been wet by the preview, then you can find a 12-page pdf download here. We can sure as chips forgive your tardiness as we know you’re about to set off on the trail into the mystery of Porcelain.

Gog, Agog! Heel!

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